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Download FREE 10 page book now >>
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Hello guitarist. Hope you don't mind the email, but I wanted to let you know that we finally have Modal Mojo available. A lot of players have been asking about it in emails and forums for some time.

A few years ago, while I was recording a new CD with drummer Dave Coleman and bassist Steve Kim, we noticed that a few of the grooves we were working on would make great play-along practice tracks. I gave a few to my students to try and they loved them. So we spent the next few weeks recording grooves for the most common and unusual modes a modern guitarist might encounter. We ended up with 28 tracks, 10 dominant, 10 minor and 8 major modal grooves.

We recorded them "live" with hardly any over-dubs except for a bit of keyboards played by Steve. The tracks are fairly long (7 minutes average) as they "build and go places" musically. I think they're far more interesting and inspiring to play along with than typical loop and sequenced "music-minus-one" tracks. We used several rhythmical "feels" such as Latin, Jazz, Fusion, Funk, Rock and Reggae.

So I hope you check them out. Here's a link to the free "Modal Mojo Play-Along" booklet that shows a "sketch" of each track including the mode and optional scales. Go to Amazon MP3 or any of the on-line music services to purchase and download the tracks.

In addition, Alfred Publishing will soon be releasing my Modal Mojo guitar workshop book which is a companion to the "Modal Mojo Play-Along Tracks." It's an in-depth 84 page study of soloing and rhythm playing for each or the 28 modal tracks and includes over 8 hours of audio instruction and demonstrations.

- Don Mock

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